Rick Moss
Musician / Singer / Songwriter
Alternative Rock – Toronto, ON




Rick Moss is an independent multi-instrumental musician, singer, and songwriter, from Mississauga, Ontario. Rick started playing the guitar at age 13 with a passion for blues, jazz, and classic rock. He quickly picked up on bass, drums, and started writing songs of his own. For the past 10 years, he has been taking inspiration from many genres to make the music he wants to hear. Although the outcome is variable, his style of alternative rock is very emotional, speaking about issues surrounding love, fear, learning, and loss, all expressed with a dark but easygoing attitude. His performances are energetic, with a focus on providing an engaging experience for the audience.

His debut EP, Elephant Philosophy, released in 2016, features his work on all instruments and vocals. His latest single, I’m So High, released in June of 2018, also accompanies his first music video, available now on YouTube. Another single and full-length album are in the works for 2019. Follow Rick on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!



New single, I’m So High available now on Spotify, iTunes, & Google Play!